Strapless dress wearing tips

Published: 21st June 2009
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Strapless style dress is the most classic style and is much admired by all women. Portraying femininity is its most beguiling quality that largely attracts women attention. Though mostly it dashes women having toned upper body but can beautify others also if worn rightly.

Silhouette of strapless dress is something like that shows off upper part of the body. It nicely shows off shoulders and neck, the most feminine parts of women body. It is a very sexy and elegant style but many women fear to wear it. It is due to their silhouette that instills fear of falling any time. But anything can be carried well if worn well. Thus having cognition of wearing strapless dress is must in order to wear it right. Below mentioned pointers give information on how to wear a strapless dress.

Appropriate fitting

Appropriate fitting is the main magic mantra of wearing strapless dress well. Also this outfit has no support of its own hence the importance of this point increases all the way more. Try dress from all the sides by stretching your arms, raising your hands, bending, walking, sitting etc. and make sure it is fitting properly. Also make a point it is comfortable also.

Right fitting bra

Bra is foundation that gives support to the dress. Thus wear bra that fit perfectly with the strapless dress. But with these dresses you cannot wear simple bras as their strap become visible. Strapless bras are appropriate. But in that also regular strapless bras tend to slip, thus avoid them. What is the solution then? Long-line strapless bra is the solution. They extend down till the waist and provide more structure to prevent slippage. Also you can pin your dress from inside for an added support and also to keep it in place.

Transform its appearance from night to day wear

Strapless dress is not only for evening parties, dinner, and night clubs etc can be worn in daytime also. By modifying the look of strapless dress it can easily be turned into a day wear. A knit top or a fitted jacket over it makes it perfect for day wear. Also by adding a wrap, you can take it to the office.

Minimal accessories

Accessories complete the look of dress and so of strapless dress also but degree of accessorizing dress from one style to another. Depending on the type of dress and how much accessories will enhance it they should be worn. On strapless dress simple accessories looks best. This dress is so eye catching in it that it does not need support of accessories for enhancing its looks. Necklace is the main accessory to be worn to display elegance, overdoing ruin the appearance. A beautiful strand of pearls or a gemstone necklace with a pendant is decent to be worn with them. In foot wears high heeled shoes or stilettos look best on them.

Thus with the help of few tips anyone can look and feel fashionable and sexy in strapless dress. Little practice makes this versatile fashion piece apt for all.

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